Do you use flash or natural light in your photography?

I think it is important to be flexible depending on the environment in which you are shooting.  Natural light can be absolutely amazing but especially with birth, using additional lighting can mean the difference between a clear shot and an unusable image.  The ability to use natural and artificial light sources correctly is the benefit of hiring a professionally trained photographer with a background in film photography.  Having learned how to shoot film 20 years ago means I’m not as dependant on fixing images in post production and that means faster turnaround and higher quality images for you!

Why do you choose not to shoot in a studio?

It is truly a style preference. I think many photographers have moved away from the studio because of the staged/posed look it provides as well as the limitations of the environment. The images tend to be less interesting overall although the look may be “cleaner”.  Personally, I love photos of my kids in their own environment being who they are at the time.

Will you share my images on your website or social media?

I will never share your images without your permission as well as a signed model release.  Permission is not mandatory in any way and I’m happy to keep your photography private if you desire.  Many clients are proud of their birth experiences and happy to share their images.                                                                                                 

I saw a photograph on Pinterest of a newborn sleeping in a basket/on a fuzzy rug/posed in a flower. Can you do this?

My method of portrait photography is less posed and more of a reaction to the personality of the people I am photographing. I love to capture relationships between family members in a fluid manner. I want your photographs to be unique! That being said, I see each client as a collaborative effort. Some people leave most everything up to my artistic vision and others have specific shots or ideas. I love both working relationships. My favorite thing is to document a family over many shoots throughout their families growth and get to know them. I am honored to be invited into such a personal and intimate space.  

What can we expect during our birth? How long will you be with us for our birth?

Ideally, I will join your birthday party when you are in active labor or approximately 6-7 centimeters dilated and stay until 2 hours after birth. No two births are the same, and I strive to capture the story unfolding in front of me in an authentic fashion. I aim to be a quiet participant as well as a positive energy in your birth space.

What is your style of photography?

My style of photography is based on photojournalism. I’m not overly dependent on post production of images. I shoot my digital camera the way I would shoot a film camera, and my style comes from the raw images I shoot rather than a “filter” added later. I love getting to know my clients and creating images that show their personality. I adapt to each client’s needs to provide a truly personalized end result.

Why should I hire a birth photographer? Why can’t my partner/mother/friend take photos during my birth?

Like any important life event, memories can become hazy as time passes.  It is especially true with birth. You are likely to be paying so much attention to your body that you are not seeing everything that is going on around you. It can be very freeing to turn over a camera to the professional and not have to worry about your partner having to miss anything to get a good shot. And you will have the memories documented so they will not fade with time. From the quiet moments of support from your partner to meeting your baby for the first time, I will capture this life-changing event for you.